Event loop integration#

Using the asynchronous API is highly recommended to prevent multiple milliseconds of blocking IO from DBus or Cocoa APIs. In addition, execution of callbacks requires a running event loop. On Linux, an asyncio event loop will be sufficient but macOS requires a running CFRunLoop.

You can use rubicon-objc to integrate a Core Foundation CFRunLoop with asyncio:

import asyncio
from rubicon.objc.eventloop import EventLoopPolicy

# Install the event loop policy

# Get an event loop, and run it!
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Desktop-notifier itself uses Rubicon Objective-C to interface with Cocoa APIs so you will not be adding a new dependency. A full example integrating with the CFRunLoop is given in examples folder. Please refer to the Rubicon Objective-C docs for more information.

Likewise, you can integrate the asyncio event loop with a Gtk main loop on Gnome using gbulb. This is not required for full functionality but may be convenient when developing a Gtk app.