Thank you for your interest in contributing!

If you would like to contribute more than a simple bug fix, please open an issue first to discuss potential changes before implementing them.


To start, install maestral with the dev extra to get all dependencies required for development:

pip3 install desktop-notifier[dev]

This will install packages to check and enforce the code style, use pre-commit hooks and bump the current version.

Code is formatted with black. Coding style is checked with flake8. Type hints, PEP484, are checked with mypy.

You can check the format, coding style, and type hints at the same time by running the provided pre-commit hook from the git directory:

pre-commit run -a

You can also install the provided pre-commit hook to run checks on every commit. This will however significantly slow down commits. An introduction to pre-commit commit hooks is given at


There are currently no tests. Contributions are very welcome!